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Web Hosting has been in the process of evolving its services for over a year now.
Two of our new services are: WPaaS - Wordpress As A Service and S4 - Simple Static Site Service.
If you are interested in either service, please contact us!

WPaaS Documentation A WPaaS Sample Site

S4 Documentation A S4 Sample Site

The main purpose of the Hosting Service was to provide a secure environment for VT departments to maintain a web presence. While it has served this purpose for many years, it no longer meets the complex demands of modern web applications. In order to meet our goals of security, flexibility and adherence to modern standards, we must transition away from the current platform.

Hosted web sites exist along a spectrum from static pages to applications. Each type of site will typically have one or more possible paths to a new environment, but for most there are a variety of transitional paths. The diagrams below illustrate some of these possibilities. (There is not a single “right answer” for which path to take. The Web Hosting team is here to work with you in finding the best path forward).

Static websites primarily consist of html, css and javascript code. Dynamic websites are able to get data from a database via php (or some other language) code.

HTML ⇒ Google Sites Sites that were built using HTML generation tools (some examples are Dreamweaver, Word, or even hand-built html) often just require simple updates, once in a while. If this is the case, then we recommend using the VT Google Apps Portal at . Here you can find VT Google Drive, and VT Google Sites. You can upload files to Drive, while Sites provides a template to walk you through setting up a new html site. This is something you can do on your own, but we can work with you to get your content migrated over. With this option you will not be able to keep your domain name.
graph LR; z(HTML) --> r(Google Sites)
(New Web Hosting Service)

Any site built using HTML generation tools (some examples are Dreamweaver, Word or hand-built html), can be transferred to our new emerging service S4. We can tranfer your existing files to get you started, as well as help you with any adjustments needed for the functionality and your understanding of the S4 service aspects.
Still another S4 option is to use a CMS Static Site Generator such as Hugo or Jekyll. Even if you have used a PHP based CMS, you can convert your files to markdown, choose a theme and use a static site generator with S4. With the S4 option, you will be able to keep your domain name.

graph LR; z(HTML) --> r(S4 with or without Hugo) x(Wordpress or Other CMS) --> r
WordPress ⇒ WPaaS
(New Web Hosting Service)
Sites that currently use WordPress, or would like to use WordPress, will migrate to our new WordPress as a Service environment (WPaaS). We maintain the wordpress software and database, keeping them patched, secured, and up to date. Users maintain their site content, and have access through the WP admin console to install a limited selection of plugins, and themes. Many WordPress sites from Web Hosting have already transitioned, and we are working to move the remaining sites. If you are currently running on a different CMS system (Joomla, Drupal, etc) this may be your best option. With the WPaaS option you will be able to keep your domain name.
graph LR; z(Wordpress) --> r( WPaaS ) x(HTML) --> r y(Other CMS) --> r
(HTML, WordPress, Other PHP CMS) ⇒ CMS
(Web Hosting Service)
Ensemble is the Web content management system (CMS) for Virginia Tech. Much like WPaaS, Ensemble allows users to focus on their content, without worrying about the technical details of websites. You can get information about the CMS, and submit a request to transition to CMS, using this link: With the Ensmble CMS option you will be able to keep your domain name.
graph LR; z(Wordpress) --> r(Ensemble ) x(HTML) --> r y(Other CMS) --> r
Custom Applications ⇒ Docker Containers
(Upcoming Web Hosting Service)
Another option is to run your site or application in a Docker Container. This option requires a significant amount of learning, and some new ways of working, but offers a lot of flexibility that the Web Hosting LAMP stack simply cannot provide. For example, Docker Containers would allow your application to run on Node.js, Python, Java, etc. This option requires a team that is dedicated to actively developing their application(s). For more information, see VT DevCom and Docker 101. Again, the Web Hosting team is here to work with you - contact us if you think Docker may be the right path for you. With the docker container option you will be able to keep your domain name.
graph LR; m(Custom App) --> l(Docker Container)
Retire your Site If your site can be retired… please submit a ticket to Support Web Page.
(The form is on the bottom of the page… you must be logged in to see it).
Further Information Please join our google group for Web Hosting Announcements at We will use this page to keep you informed about maintenance, upgrades, and general information about our services.

Please put in a ticket using the Support Web Page if you have any questions, or problems.

Thank you, The Web Hosting Team